I have had an awesome adventure for the past 38 years being a part of the renaissance festival family but it is time for me to retire.   This can be a life long career if you like to travel, dress up and be in a party atmosphere.

2 buildings, one in Michigan, one in North Carolina  All the molds (over 200) come with the deal and  all the stock that is for each show that is already made.  $350,00.00 for everything which I believe is a great deal.  This will be paid off 5 years or less.  You will be able to expand to other shows and make more money quicker if you so desire.

I will train in making molds and in pouring them.  If a 63 year old lady can do this anyone can!

For more information click on the buttons at the top to go to Facebook page with more up to date pics.

MI Renaissanc fstval Both For Sale

Michigan Renaissance Booth


North Carolina Renaissance Booth

The NC booth has living space up stairs and is wonderful to live in during the fair.  It has a full size bed a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven....everything you need.  I have a pouring area at the back of the booth to work during the week to make products.  A very large back area to park.  To see more picks click on the yellow button at the top of the page.

Two front displays

Front counter

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